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…hab‘ die LEDplus zu beginn der Formel1 Saison auf my.EarthDream.com eingetragen und heute eine mail bekommen, dass ich auf dem wagen verewigt werde;

We have exciting news!
Your name will be on the Earth Cars at this weekend’s Grand Prix in France.
Your name will be in 4pt so it’s clearly visible with the naked eye close up, but our clever designers have applied them in such a way that our beautiful artwork still looks the same from a distance.
We have put all the names in columns and like to call it our ‘Roll Call of Environmental Honour’.
In the last few weeks we have made some changes to myearthdream. The biggest change is that we have decided to make donations to the myearthdream Trust optional. The main aim of this is to allow children to make pledges and be part of the project without having to use a credit card, but it also allows us to run competitions all over the world to get more people involved in saving CO2 and saving the planet.
All of the money we have collected to date, as well as all future optional donations, will still go to great environmental causes, but if you donated to the myearthdream Trust in return for your name on the car and feel that this change is unfair, please email us at enquiries@myearthdream.com.
All of your generous donations will be distributed at the end of the season and we will update you with news of the environmental projects and organisations that benefit as soon as details are available.
We’ll also be launching a brand new website later in the season that will have many more exciting interactive features and regularly updated news about myearthdream.
We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your enthusiasm for the myearthdream project. We have been overwhelmed by the response and are grateful for all your letters and emails of support, but mostly we’re grateful for the collective difference we’re making to the planet.
That’s all for now. We hope that you’re as excited as we are to know that your names will be racing in the rest of the 2007 season Grands Prix with Jenson and Rubens



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