climate payback switzerland

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…long discussed and now its here, we have to pay over our energy the climate or better we pay money for a good sleep thinkin‘ we do goods for the nature. i found shorten and in german some ways to refinance and also earn some percents of your invest back. you have to fit some restricts when you got a house build before 1990 you can be sponsorshiped by renovation with 10-15%, but they don’t sponsor to save energy like LEDs can do!! thats like the governments around the world supports the *somuchenergysavely* fluorescent bulb. i guess the lobby has dictadet! they first have to empty their stocks of that customer-saves-energy-just-when-long-lighten energysaving bulb, mostly used in stairways *5min*…tzzz not spoken by the acid inside comes to the air, when crashing a bulb. hopefully they will soon check, that the LED could save more energy, with less investment in shorter time, when promoted by the right people *government!* and prob‘ supported. thats a huge industry, why they do not advance swiss made LED companys having knowLEDge of’em…lobbying?!

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