CREE // 20th. birthday

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…gratul8 from me as well! *anyhowalil’2late*

grown since 20 years from 8 to over 2600 employees, CREE is the marketleader in LED chip production for lighting. thats also their focus, with silicon carbide and gallium nitride materials to lead innovation in the LED and lighting industries! well, as they produce the best available chips, we will help’em to get bigger, hopefully you hold shares of em. 😉
quasi doubled since february! *wasn’tthattimetheofficialCREEP4shipping?!*

by the way i saw in the birthday press release some interesting stuff, first time the stAAAtes wanna save energy!
According to the U.S. Department of Energy, over the next 20 years rapid adoption of LED lighting can potentially reduce the demand for electricity in lighting applications by up to 62 percent. It can also eliminate up to 258 million metric tons of carbon emissions and avoid the need to build 133 new power plants.

oooh, i see, it is a national company, and when they need access to another market *china* they just buy a company in hongkong for $200mio bucks, bargain…3 weeks later the aquisition completes, quick&dirty?!

anyhow, i like their chips, mostly i use SSC *theyuse’emtoo*, but just in fact the swiss distributor didn’t see me as a keycustomer, as it was before signing that contract. i had a hot wire to austria, but since then, she couldn’t send me any chips… 🙁 i will meet her on my nightskatetrip to vienna, probably can reconnect…

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