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…as seen today, one of the biggest concerns General Electric creates with the wellknown NICHIA under the brand of GE Lumination interesting LED products. LEDplus can offer some of them according our widespreaded partnernetwork, just choose your product and let me know. 😉

also interesting the history, formerly teamed up with emcore as GELcore *31.08.06|emcore sells GELcore to GE for $100mio*, GE now brotherships with NICHIA, the major holder of LED patents…chch

The look that lasts. Vioℱ LEDs provide all the benefits of solid-state lighting – energy savings, long life, robustness – and do something many white LEDs do not … create exceptional light quality. Vio LEDs combine 405 nm violet chips with proprietary phosphors to create a natural white light that meets the high standards of lighting professionals. Vio LEDs feature minimal part-to-part color variation with a color shift of less than 100 kelvin over a 50,000 hour life. The result is a stable, more uniform warm white light, similar to a soft white incandescent lamp, that enables lighting designers to create a look that lasts.

…they promise nice things, but some of them will be egalized by reading the datasheet. the efficiency is with a lumenoutput of 54lm@350mA and a CRI of 70, less then an ACriche! the CRI 85 will be paid with a worsen output of 46lm by the grabed Watt. the spectrum they create with the UV emitter and the different phosphores looks naturally than any other LED i’ve seen. i guess they use the same chip, but other thinkness of phosphores, ‚cause the waves are very equal, but different hights…

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