guerilla lightin‘!

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…there are some peop’s already do, what i pleasently would like to have in basel surounding the art fair. i would lighten up bridges, the rhine, buildings, streets and public places. besides the art and his satellite fairs at same time, could give a qualified environment. frankfurt with the light&building *6.-11.4.2008bethereagain!* accompanied with the luminale has showed, that there were great benefits…

more people were in the *atdaylightnotreallybeaut’* city of frankfurt, not just the business’s gals&guys visiting the fair. there were kewl places suroundin‘ frankfurt in the night and young party people mixed up with artists, sculptures, shadows, business, casual und usual women and gents.

tuesday was *andhopefullyis* a special niteskate on the streets thru the illuminated city escorted by police.

more luminale pics can be found on fotocommunity, google and flickr, just click and have a look what you’d missed! be there 6th till 11th of april 2008!! and let me know, prob we can walk, skate or fair together or just have a beer in the city or a dinner at sven vaeths silk *wannareserve!?* before shake the legs in the cocoon

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