health:// bright light resets bodyClock

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thenewScientist reported some years ago that bright light on the back of the knees can reset the body’s daily rhythms. Now Yasuhide Miyamoto and Aziz Sancar at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill have shown that cryptochrome, a derivative of vitamin B2, may be the light-sensitive molecule involved in this response.

…i knew from plants, that cryptochrome will be absorbing blue light and that the 8000K skywhite flourescent is also emitting blue wavelengths. blue as color we feel cold, antiseptic but in wavelengths they come deep under our skin and stimulate our hormone melatonin. during the day the melatoninlevel grows and let us sleep well. as the level is to high, we will having problems to go asleep. so i guess they need to reset the body in the morning, as mediated in the evening the light will degrade melatoninlevel…

i will have a look for more informations, stay tuned…

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