LED drives the economic cycle!?

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…as i saw today *toniteorjustbefore* in the ticker, vossloh shares raised 7%!

to news leading holdon of the economic cycle and the workmarket that chills compared with the weekly news ‚bout new LED plants, the raise of CREE and the penetration of daily new LED products *bulbs,screens,displays,gadgets*, gives me the think ‚bout. i guess we *LEDindustry* bake at least a big piece of the sweet cake!!

my compare from the past; LUMILED vs. SSC seems to be like the fight between MICROSOFT and *nix, where the first invest much money in advertisment and the second has the better product. prob‘ tha philips holded company has the spread their experiments for money!!?

but since the shadowed, or just not that official, emitter manufacturer CREE sells their powerLEDs over distributors, they grown in popularity and as we know, most competitors use the CREE produced chip and share the same patents. but there will be no soon decrease of the LEDmarket, there are many things to change to save energy, there are a lot applications where LEDs take place and the entertainment industry.

besides the third parties will grow with us, we need drivers, powersupplys, lenses, coolers, aluminium, copper, lithium and so on…

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