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LEDstyles LED raider…as the years flown, the first german spoken LED forum changed the structure, to honour the times changin‘. now the got 4 kategories named developer, know-how & how-to, user and common.

not all is for my pleasures, especially the nameconvention, but doesn’t matter, have to life with, as with the desire to have an RSS feed of’em. but the time eaten that far, they couldn’t implement, as the initial partnerprogram stopped one and a half year ago or so…

as a foreigner or just new to LEDstyles, you can ask your question also in english, many LEDstylers can answer in english *orthatkindof* as well. to get SLOTtys you have to post, but after the tenth post you’ll receive a SLOTty to gamble the machine and probably earn the jackpot indicated *upperrightcorner* by the LEDraider. what U would do with?

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