OSRAM // tight focus on OLED

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…today around noon, Osram-OS sent me a pressrelease as PDF and a link, does not work!?

item, they wanna end their OLED matrix displays production *pictiva* and concentrate to their mainbusiness, the solid state lighting with the OLEDs.

the penang based OLED 270 employees transferred by the end of the year to the new factory and german employees are not affected. a team of 50 regensburg based engineers currently work in the researchcenter on products and production methods for OLED lighting.

so, there will be soon our most wanted new lighting forms, where no borders stop the designers, the thin and flexible lighting will start a revolution in new forms and types of lightin‘ sources…

see the PR Osram // tighter focus on OLED business *PDF* in english or Osram // fokussiert OLED Geschaeft in german.

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