thX 4 subscribing!

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…after a few month collect & delivering news, facts and figures outta the LED branch i started, after optomizing the wordpress, last week with the spreading in searchengines and linksystems and it looks like there were the first efforts!! 😉

i know, for them using internet explorer before 7, netscape and probably other unsupported browsers, i have to do some work on the design, but therefore you can use the feed…chch aehm, yep, the feed, as i saw by selfsubscription, he is looking very boring, i have to work on that as well…

its pleasent to see the readers grow, today i become 34 new feedreaders and visits from different bots indexing that LED blog site, but still no one commented on my posts… please let me know some feedback, ‚bout design, ads, opinions or just to say hello!?

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