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today announced per LEDsmagazine newsletter, the NICHIA knowledge finds a place in a GELcore aka. Lumination high power white LED. i’ve announced the knowLEDgetransfer a month ago, but didn’t found a datasheet. also they placed a sell sheet of the VIOLED *seethenaming!?*, where you can find some interesting facts.

from the VIOLED product specifications we see there are 8 different products, 4 of’em have a CRI of 85 at 3500K and 4100K, in october 2007 there should be also a further product with a color temperature of 3000K. they produce a chip with an angle of 180° available as 1.2W or 3.6W version and a luminous flux of 46 till 162lm depends on product and CRI. the operating temperature of 85°C should give the chip a lifetime of 50’000h droven with 500mA.

as additional features and benefits could be named the low LED to LED variation of +/- 200K over full distribution, the consistent lumen output/efficiency and the simplified color binning. interesting for lightdesigners like me, would be the less than 100K color shift over the lifetime of 50’000h. the combining of highly efficent 405nm near UV chips and their proprietary phosphors, the VIOLEDs enable a very stable warmwhite, with the diffused lens, they are very similar to a soft white incandescent lamp. see the interesting spectre of the different VIOLEDs:

VIOLED spectre

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