guerilla lightin‘!

…there are some peop’s already do, what i pleasently would like to have in basel surounding the art fair. i would lighten up bridges, the rhine, buildings, streets and public places. besides the art and his satellite fairs at same time, could give a qualified environment. frankfurt with the light&building *6.-11.4.2008bethereagain!* accompanied with the luminale has showed, that there were great benefits… “guerilla lightin‘!” weiterlesen

LED drives the economic cycle!?

…as i saw today *toniteorjustbefore* in the ticker, vossloh shares raised 7%!

to news leading holdon of the economic cycle and the workmarket that chills compared with the weekly news ‚bout new LED plants, the raise of CREE and the penetration of daily new LED products *bulbs,screens,displays,gadgets*, gives me the think ‚bout. i guess we *LEDindustry* bake at least a big piece of the sweet cake!! “LED drives the economic cycle!?” weiterlesen

CREE // 20th. birthday

…gratul8 from me as well! *anyhowalil’2late*

grown since 20 years from 8 to over 2600 employees, CREE is the marketleader in LED chip production for lighting. thats also their focus, with silicon carbide and gallium nitride materials to lead innovation in the LED and lighting industries! well, as they produce the best available chips, we will help’em to get bigger, hopefully you hold shares of em. 😉
quasi doubled since february! *wasn’tthattimetheofficialCREEP4shipping?!*

“CREE // 20th. birthday” weiterlesen